Member Testimonials

Sow well into the next generation and continue to use God's given talents for Kingdom purposes!

Nick Vujicic, TBG Los Angeles

Last night City Net and the LA Barnabas Group had the privilege of co-leading an event that brought together over 300 people (including service providers/non-profits, survivors/champions, government, law enforcement, congregations and neighbors) to stop sex trafficking of minors.

Dr. Brook Bello is a hero, survivor and champion! Today we celebrate the beginning of this amazing collaboration in Southern California!

Mary Glenn, Los Angeles

The L.A. Barnabas Group is a marvelous Kingdom synergy of some of Los Angeles' top marketplace leaders and ministry leaders. Our time at Barnabas Group increased our team of partners who are supporting our mission through their prayers, advice, and financial support.

Dr. Kara Powell, Fuller Youth Institute

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles

Thank you so much for the opportunity to come and give an update. Always a blessing and inspiring to be part of the LA Barnabas gathering and see how so many are being touched to serve the Kingdom in God sized ways. We had several great conversations that we feel have the potential to build a lot of hope and homes here in Los Angeles and around the world. Always great to hear the strategic ideas members have within their own networks and how they can use these to build on and further the mission of Habitat for Humanity of GLA.

Speaker, TBG Los Angeles